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BARCLAYS: Welcome to Our World

Client: Barclays Bank
Production Company: 90 Seconds

Barclays Bank is market leader in the use and development of (bank related) technology. Worldwide they have over 20.000 people working in their technology sector. The majority of these people never meet and don’t know anything about their colleagues in different parts of the world.This, despite the fact they are working together, and often even on the same project.

The challenge was to come up with an idea that would create a sense of belonging for each team member, regardless of their physical location. The idea was to create a series of 10 videos that would all follow the same structure and create a simple but effective storyline. Make it personal. Tell a story!’ So we went for the ‘A day in the life of…’ path. Although the structure remained the same, the stories were often very different.

The second challenge was the fact there was no budget to fly our crew out to 10 different locations around the world. So we embarked on the first global project for 90 seconds ( – which then led them to be market leaders in the approach of a true global video production platform! – ) We created the concept and a very clearly defined style and shot-list. We then shot the first video in London. With this package we recruited local crew around the world. It was Pascal’s first experience as a remote-director.

Going beyond its original purpose, it became an incredibly successful recruitment tool in a highly competitive market.