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CTC / Cycling UK.

Content Marketing Campaign


Cycling UK is the leading charity in the UK, supporting cyclists and promoting bicycle use. Besides promoting cycling they preserve and protect the health and safety of cyclists. This includes providing training and education. With more and more people taking to cycling as a means of transportation, there is a great need for organisations like them to reach a larger audience and to be engaging in conversations about road safety with local authorities. The roads in the UK are often not fit for purpose when it comes to cyclist safety and in general there is a lack of respect for the cyclist on the road. Organisations like Cycling UK create awareness and make the roads saver for cyclists and therefore for everyone.

How could we help them?
Our aim was to create a Content Marketing Campaign which would inspire people to take part in the conversation around cycling. The more people would take part, the more awareness we would create around road safety. In order for people to participate we designed a competition which would trigger cyclist’s interest. Interest would be created through social media channels where people could nominate ‘THE UK’s BEST BIKE MILE’. The project would involve a micro website as well as an App with maps and related info. More awareness would be created through endorsement from famous Brand Ambassadors.

The storyline was simple: ‘Bikers inspire us by sharing great places to cycle in the UK’.

We designed a Content Marketing Campaign:
1. Create awareness around our contest.
2. Start getting contributions.
3. Top 10 is selected (by votes online).
4. Winner is chosen (by a selected jury).
5. PR event for winning mile.

What would happen next:
A jury of well-known people, all bike lovers (we knew that Gordon Ramsay is a keen cyclist), choose the winners from the nominations. There would be a lot of prizes from bike-related sponsors. We would create extra visibility for their products through our contest. There would be a special event taking place at the winning mile for extra PR. A great opportunity to create the next hype around cycling that could be shared through social media. One idea was to try and get as many bikes as possible on the day and create the longest line of bikers. A short documentary would be made of the entire project which would be launched after the last event to create the next phase of promotion / hype.