This week I like to share a content marketing campaign where Heineken and KLM joined forces together. What can I tell you about it? Firstly the fact that the script was written by my close friend Floris Hülsmann, which obviously makes me slightly bias. But when I first discovered it I had no idea of his involvement. Just a coincidence but a nice one at that.

It is campaign of two of the biggest Dutch brands which uses the Dutch King’s day celebrations in Amsterdam as their hook. The campaign got a lot of recognition for being immensely successful.

The story is light, fun and it is really well put together. It has many heart warming (as in film terms oh-oh) moments. A real feel-good campaign. But what I really love about it is the fact that we have two brands working together. The synergy of these two globally known brands provides an extra lift to the campaign. I love how they brought a bit of Dutch-ness to the world which I, being from Amsterdam, of course can identify with.

The campaign was first launched in 2014 and because of its success it was repeated both in 2015 and 2016. I focussed on the last one, only because I feel it matured somewhat over time. Where sometimes the original idea is the strongest, at other times it simply matures and elements get added which improve the overall experience. I personally like the added element where people could nominate someone who shared the birthday with our King. It provided the campaign with extra stage at the beginning in which people could nominate someone. This meant the campaign could be brought to people’s attention earlier and run over a longer period. More exposure for the campaign and thus for the brands.

Growing up Queen’s day (since the inauguration of our King, now of course King’s day) was one of the biggest days in the year. Over the years it became much more of an outdoor crazier than crazy party. When I was young it was more like a giant outdoor car boot sale (for those who are not familiar with this English tradition, it is basically getting rid of old stuff in a kind of made up, outside market). Queen’s day was the day where you got up at 4am, went with your friend to the allocated street in your neighbourhood and setup your stall on a blanket on the floor. You waited for hours and then sold your dad’s priceless comic book collection for one guilder (not even half a Euro). There were lots of outdoor and indoor activities but it was all a lot more innocent. Over the years it became more like a 24 hour outdoor party. Since a few years it has been slightly reduced to make it a bit less intense and a bit more fun again. To be fair, there are hardly ever any problems or incidents. It really is a party where everyone is just enjoying themselves but the problem was the amount of people that came out on the streets which made it impossible to move around the city. ‘Find your spot and stay where you are’ kind-a-thing. If you like crazy, go and check it out for yourself. If you don’t mind, I will skip it for now.

Have a great weekend!

Pascal M Mindlin

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