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Multiple Promotional Videos

We worked with Imperial College on various projects over the years.

We produced a few videos which all resulted in a high ROI. One of the projects was a promotional video for the Masters of Public Health course. See below for details on the project:

Role: Concept creation – Director / Producer.

The Masters of Public Health Course at Imperial College merges the study of epidemiology, biostatistics and health research methods with public health skills. Imperial College is ranked amongst the top universities of the world and attracts undergraduates from more than 125 countries. In order to stand out from other universities, the directors of the course realised they needed a different way to engage their target audience especially as most of them are not resided within UK borders.

Having successfully worked with Imperial on other projects I was asked to create a concept for a new video to promote this particular course and to attract more students.

Proposed Solution
After several interviews the proposal as to create a series of questions that needed to be addressed by the content of the film. Provide the answers to these questions and you will answer all possible questions of potential students.

The biggest challenge was to find a way to promote ‘academic excellence’ that would suit two generations of academics at the university. We wanted to entice a younger audience, who find their way through social media and watch videos, but still remain true to the framework that the previous generation of academics feel more comfortable with.

Having a quality video to promote the course meant it had greater impact on their global outreach. The direct consequence was an expected outcome; more people applied for the course. The unexpected outcome was the increase of the quality of students. This went up by a significant margin and this meant the course itself was able to improve with the level of students being able to apply themselves at a higher level.

The following statistics were presented a year on:

• 1000+ views in the period running up to the start of the course.

• Resulting in approx. 25% increase of applications the first year.

• An increase of another approx. 25% the following year!

• Higher caliber of students.

• Recognition of the strength of video.

• High ROI.