For 18 years I lived and worked in the UK. Over the years I learned how much the Brits love Christmas. And the interesting thing about this weeks topic, is that the John Lewis advert actually signals the countdown to Christmas (in popular culture) in the UK. Since their firs advert in 2007 it has become as much part of Christmas as the Christmas tree or mince pies (does anyone outside of the UK even know what they are?). It effectively says the festive season is on its way.

The adverts attract widespread media coverage and any other Christmas advert released in the UK will be measured by the standard set by the John Lewis advert. It really is quite an achievement for a brand to create something that becomes part of the (popular) culture.

No matter what you think of each individual production, they are great examples of storytelling. The productions always use a cover of a well-known song by a popular artist. And a notable fact is that the ‘original’ version of that song, always ends up high on the UK singles chart. This year’s campaign, which was released on the 15th of November, is starring Sir Elton John. He is the first artist to perform and star in the advert.

Since 2009, the stories are created by Adam & Eve DDB.

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