This week my attention got drawn to an old campaign run by McCann London in 2015. It is a slightly different style of project than I would normally think to write about. It really is more about the concept than the storytelling (one could argue against this of course).

The pre-Christmas period is the busiest period of the year for the gaming industry. How do you get people to pay attention to the game you are about to release? You have to come up with something different… Isn’t that always the brief? But in reality most brands prefer to minimise risk when it comes to developing a campaign. This one saw it through to the end though, and they did it by turning advertising into entertainment, as they describe it themselves.

The campaign was for the release of the latest Tomb Raider game for the Xbox. The concept was to use a billboard as their medium and turn it into a reality ‘survival’ show using eight Lara Croft fans as the contestants. The public could ‘control’ the weather conditions via a live stream whilst the candidates had to remain standing. Last person standing would be the winner.

Kind of crazy, a little sadistic but certainly impactful.

Throughout the entire campaign they made the most of every possible media to draw attention to it; posters, magazines, social media, banners and they even made it onto the radio.

It is a great example of how, with the right creative idea, you can create a dialogue with your audience. A two way stream. And the campaign kept the audience entertained before, during and after the main event.

The campaign has picked up many awards and recently won a staggering 20 Cannes Lions which, according to themselves, makes McCann London the most Cannes awarded creative agency in the UK (I have not checked this fact but I am happy to believe it).

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Have a great weekend.