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The Scarlet Oak
Requiem &

Music, Rock Opera and Band by Grant Gordon

Graphic Design
Video Production
Technician and Creative / VJ on the live

Soundcloud links to the various albums by Grant Gordon and various musicians.

The Scarlet Oak

Over the years Pascal has worked on a few big projects with Grant Gordon. Grant Gordon is a musician and bassist with ‘And Also The Trees’ and formerly ‘The Divine Comedy’. He spent a few years on the three projects and recorded an album for each one.

For the Rock Opera ‘Century’ Pascal was in charge of the visual backdrops for the show. For the live show a storyline was created of Grant’s old family photographs. Pascal created the visual presentation and was the VJ (Video Jockey) on the show.

For Requiem a film was written and directed and clips were used for the live show, a rock opera that followed ‘Century’. Both projects were projects about grief.

The Scarlet Oak was the band he formed with some of the key musicians of the two projects. They recorded an album for which Pascal designed the cover which was used for all social media outlets. A video was also made.